Valimai Movie Review And Valimai Rating

Welcome Friends, Today we are going to talk about the Tamil film “Valimai” released in theaters on 24 Feb. Where Ajith Kumar, Huma Qureshi, and Kartikeya Starter Film “Valimai”. Which is an action thriller film. This movie has been released today[24 FEB] in Tamil as well as Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi language. So first let us know about the cast and crew of Valimai

Valimai Cast And Crew

1Ajith KumarACP Arjun Kumar IPS
2Huma QureshiSophia
Valimai Cast And Crew

Valimai Movie Review And Valimai Rating

So I have seen the movie. So the movie which is there is around 3 hours. So after watching this film, what is my experience? and what is my opinion? If I try to tell in one line, I have enjoyed this film but in parts.

And what these parts are, these are the same parts where we get to see the action inside the film. Well, I never like to see only action inside a film. I never watch any movies just for action. But yes we get to see such an action inside this film. I can say that the action of this film is really extraordinary to watch and can say that top-class action is seen.

And it can be said that after watching the trailer about the film which was the expectation. Somewhere the film manages to fulfill those expectations. So, first of all, let’s talk about the positive points in the film. So the biggest positive point of this film is its action! Inside this film, you will get to see a lot of action sequences, many Chase sequences, and fight scenes will see. But he has been present and choreographed in such a wonderful way. You an Action will not be able to take your eyes off the screen even for a moment.

Every fight scene and action sequence inside the film was excellent. This is the background music of this film, it gives mass elevation but looks very classic too. So the first half of the film can be said that a little slow but starts in a very interesting way. While introducing crime, youth, and a family sentiment inside the story. The way in which it is found that the Parkash gang is, their way of committing a crime.

Everything is shown in a very interesting way inside the film. And before the interval, we also get to see a bike chase sequence. Along with this, which is the first half of the film. Turns out to be a very good first half. But after that as soon as the story goes in the second half. Even there, I will say that the action that is seen, is as impressive as it is inside the first half.

Because even there you will get to see the bus chess sequence. But as soon as the second half comes, we see that the story of the films is progressing in a very simple way. And in the second half, the film’s simple story and very slow screenplay start to weaken this film somewhere. If you see the writing of this film by director H Vinoth, then he has tried to add a message inside an action thriller. He tries to give a message to the youth here, so I liked this idea of ​​​​his. We also get to hear a lot of dialogues in the climax. But to show all these messages, a family drama around this message is shown to us here, it makes the film boring in some parts.

So the film’s very predictable story, boring sentimental scenes and one can say very one-stoppage narration makes this film a decent by the end. Apart from this, the dialogue which is going to be heard inside the film is also very good. If we talk about the songs, there are only two songs, they are good, but somewhere they increase the length of the film too much. Now if I talk about the climax of the film, there is that punch inside the climax. He seems to be missing somewhere.

Especially because the character of Kartikeya is not written here in some special way. But still, there is a slightly emotional scene in the climax portion. It proves to be very effective at some point or the other. So then the climax of the movie is decent. Apart from this, if we talk about cast performance. So first of all let’s talk about Ajith Kumar. So his work inside this film has been very good.

Valimai Movie Cast Performances

So the bike scenes that we get to see in this film, a lot of stunts have been done by Ajith Kumar. If we talk about Huma Qureshi, her work is very less inside movies. Whatever work she has got, she has done well. If we talk about Kartikeya, His work is decent inside the film. If his character had been written in a better way, the film could have become stronger. If we talk about the problem of this film, then it comes in the writing of this film because many articles have been shown in this film. Like crime, youth, police are not all going well.

Valimai Movie Conclusion

So Valimai Movie is a one-time watch movie for neutral audiences. if you don’t like action movies then this movie will disappoint you. In my view, this movie is made for Ajith Kumar fans and those people who like action movies. because Valimai movies action is on top-notch, my rating for this movie is 3/5 stars 1 star for Ajith Kumar 1.5 Stars for Action, And 0.5 for BGM of the Movie

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