The Fame Game Review: Madhuri Dixit Nailed

Welcome friends! Today we are going to talk about Netflix’s Indian web series “The Fame Game.” Along with the review, today we will talk about what was bad and what was good inside the The Fame Game Web series.

The Fame Game Short Story

So, The Fame Game is the story of actress Anamika Anand. About which everyone believes that her life is perfect. Anamika Anand is once again making a comeback in the industry with her new movie. But then she gets kidnapped! Now friends, what happens next, who has kidnapped her. You have to watch it to know it all. This web series is available on Netflix, Whose episode 8. The length of episodes varies from 45 to 50 minutes. Let’s know about the cast and crew of The Fame Game,

The Fame Game Cast And Crew

TitleThe Fame Game
Main Cast Madhuri Dixit
Sanjay Kapoor
Manav Kaul
Lakshvir Saran
Suhasini Mulay
Muskan Jaferi
DirectorsBejoy Nambiar
Karishma Kohli
ProducersKaran Johar
Apoorva Mehta
Sri Rao
Somen Mishra
Story And ScreenplaySri Rao
Nisha Mehta
Nisha Ivey
Manoj Kumar Khatoi
The Fame Game Cast And Crew

The Fame Game Review

If I want to review The Fame Game in one line, all I can say is that this is a good show and not a great show! Only a good show. In a web series, for every Indian who is looking for the spice, the element that he is looking for, you get to see all the elements here. There is drama here, there is a thrill here. There is a mystery here. There is the twist. There is suspense here. There is a family angle here. In short everything, you get to see here.

Many people get influenced by seeing the life of a star or celebrity. They think that everything in their life is perfect. But no, there are many problems in their life too. Then whether it is a problem with the family or is there some other problem?

That’s the only thing you get to see inside this web series. The type in which the web series has progressed, the screenplay shown to you here. It was nonlinear. Meaning the story never goes away. Sometimes in the past comes in the present and you will get to see this thing in every episode. Due to this, the engagement which is there remains completely in your story.

Positives In The Fame Game

Do you connect well with the rest of the characters? Friends, the production value that is seen here, to be honest, was quite good, it was quite amazing. The color grading is done very well here. And man it’s music, its music is amazing.  Be it its BGM or the songs playing in the background.  This web series is very good in terms of music.  I liked its music. The way the story has progressed here, the progressing nature was quite good. What happened in the character’s back life? what is that angle?

This thing has been done very well here. Friends, the drama that is happening here is a very nice personality.  The thrilling element didn’t look so special.  But I liked the drama. Friends, in the climax, all the twists and turns open somewhere here.  There are many suspensions here, but friends, very honest, that was the main suspense, I had already gassed. But still, there was a small twist and that was pretty cool.

Friends, now talk about acting, here Madhuri Dixit has made her debut on OTT with this web series. And his debut was absolutely powerful. Take the role of a mother, the role of an actress, or the role of a daughter, Madhuri Dixit has done a wonderful job here, inside every character in every role. First of all, If we talk about the beauty of Madhuri Dixit, then her moon is still not down. This is a sure thing and her acting also be too good. You also get to see Sanjay Kapoor in this web series. His acting was also good.

Negatives In The Fame Game

So talking about its negative point. So I found its editing sloppy somewhere. Meaning that, which is the scene of its conversation, was so long that I was getting bored. And its initial part was also boring me somewhere. I felt that this series has been stretched for no reason. And friends, there are some things in this series that you will find completely different. If your friends are a pro audience, then you should already guess the suspense of this web series, But overall Can you watch The Fame Game?  If I follow the guidelines of this web series, then some abuses and adult scenes are also seen in it. So this was the review on Netflix’s web series “The Fame Game.”

My honest opinion On The Fame game

The Fame Game Web series is good and it will not disappoint you while watching, some scenes will make you boar but that’s completely fine, and if you love watching biographical films or web series you should watch this web series The Fame Game. I will give 3.5/5 Stars to The Fame Game

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