RRR Movie Review: Another Blockbuster From SS Rajamouli

Welcome friends! Today we are going to talk about SS Rajamouli’s released Hindi film RRR. And give you RRR Movie Review, In which you will be seen in the lead role NTR, Ramcharan, Ajay Devgan, Alia Bhatt. This movie is around 3 hours. After watching this RRR Movie tell me my overall experience and opinion to you. In one line, this movie is a very-very-mass movie. Means the new definition of a mass commercial film! Which is set by SS Rajamouli sir. To what level can a director’s vision go to make a commercial movie? If you want to see this then you have to see RRR.

RRR Movie Starcast

NTRKomaram Bheem
Ram CharanAlluri Sitaramaraju
Alia BhattSita
Ajay DevganAlluri Sitaramaraju’s Father
Olivia MorrisJennifer
Ray StevensonScott
Alison DoodyLady Scott
Shriya SaranSarojini
RRR Movie Starcast

This movie is so good that watching it once does not fill the mind. That’s why I have decided that I will watch this movie at least 3 times. It has a 3D version tonight, so I’ll watch the 3D version tonight, and tomorrow I’ll try to watch the Telugu version of this movie. And I will try my best that the theater which is houseful.Because there are many chests in it, where the fun of shouting and clapping is different and the fun of the experience is very different.

RRR Movie Starcast Performances

First of all, if we talk about the positive points of the film. The biggest plus point of the film is the character of Rama Rao and Ramcharan. The way the characters of these two have been written is really amazing. We also get to see very good scenes inside both the characters. Both the characters have been given a very long intro which is really amazing. Meaning after watching this movie, if someone asks you which of these two characters did a good job. Who gave a good performance, then it will be very difficult for you to tell. Because both the characters have been written in such a wonderful way. Both the actors have performed in such an amazing way. That is why it will be very difficult to answer this.

On one side is Ramcharan’s facial experience and on the other side Rama Rao’s eyes. The kind of performance given by both these actors with both these things is really extraordinary. Just take a small example of it, there is no spoiler, don’t take tension. When Ramcharan kills people in the intro, then looking at his facial experience, he will look completely flat to you. And looking at it, it will feel as if someone is wearing a mask. And the real experience is not visible. And after that Ramcharan Teja has been told as fire. So when he comes here after that entry suit, then he is shown washing his face with water so that some fire has been extinguished. If we talk about Rama Rao from the other side, then we see the innocence in his eyes. In fact, his work was also amazing. The intro given to both the characters can really be called out of the world. Meaning you want to show the audience something that is hard to believe. What is the method to do that thing, what is the sequence, all this you will get to see in this intro? After this is the biggest highlight of this movie.

RRR Movie Review

That is the interval sequence of this movie! Meaning the interval was such that if I had not shouted, I would have gone mad. You will get to see such an interval which will be beyond your imagination. If someone spoils this thing, is it really a crime in itself.

Because of the experience which is there in this scene, you will hardly get to see it anywhere. The first half of the film is amazing. From the intro to the interval of both the actors inside the first half as well as Nacho Nacho Song, all these things exceed our expectations. Besides, if we talk. As for the action sequences, the action sequences inside the film are amazing. Meaning that it can be said that you will get to see something innovative inside this film and the background music along with it is also amazing. And I would like to say that the action that is seen in the last 20 minutes of the film is really mind-blowing.

And also we get to see Ram Charan Teja’s getup, it is really the next level. If I talk about the visuals, then the visuals are also amazing. The budget of this film is the visuals justifying it. Apart from this, my biggest expectation with this movie was the emotional connection. About this, I would like to say that this thing has been displayed very effectively inside the films. If we talk about the story of the film, then it can be said that the story of the film is very simple. The story inside the first half is quite impressive. The story of Second-Hand looks a bit weak. Because nothing is seen in the storyline inside the second half. The screenplay of the film is done so well that we do not pay much attention to the storyline. If we talk about the music of the film, it is also very good. If we talk about the other cast of the film, then we have not got to see much of their work in this. If we talk about the character of Ajay Devgan, then his character plays an important role in the story of the film. Overall, RRR is a great mass and entertaining film. Which I think you must see. So this was my overall opinion about this film!

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