Radhe Shyam Movie Review : A One Time Watchable

Welcome friends! Today we will talk about Radhe Shyam Movie. The total duration of the film is 2 hours 18 minutes. And its Telugu version is 2 minutes less. That’s 2 hours 16 minutes. Maybe it will be because of the difference in songs. The writer and director of the film is Radha Krishna Kumar. Whose second film. His first film was Jil in 2015. And now after 7 years, he has taken such a big film, such a big project. Pooja Hegde and Prabhas are playing the lead roles in the film! And many big actors are seen in the film and we will talk about them. But they has not been given that much screenplay in the film, They have not been given that much time. Like if I talk about Murli Sharma. Which we have seen that in many films he has played a very important supporting role? But his character was not given any dialogue in this movie. Maybe he spoke only one line in this movie. He had no dialogues, no role in the rest of the film.

Radhe Shyam Movie Cast

  • Prabhas
  • Pooja Hegde
  • Sachin Khedekar
  • Bhagyashree
  • Murli Sharma
  • Sasha Chettri
  • Kunal Roy Kapur
  • Priyadarshi
  • Jayaram
  • Jagapati Babu
  • Sathyaraj
  • Riddhi Kumar
  • Sathyan

Radhe Shyam Movie Short Story or Synopsis

If we talk about the story. It is the love story of Vikramaditya(Prabhas) and Prerna(Pooja Hegde). Luck goes against their love. So can Vikramaditya and Prerna go against their fate and luck and change the lines of their hands or not, Will they be able to meet both. Or are there obstacles and hindrances in their love, are there twists and turns, How does fate put obstacles in their love? You have to watch the movie to know all this. Overall, what was the basis of the movie, the story of the movie was how we can change our destiny. How can we write our own destiny? Whatever happens, to be our destiny, we can write it ourselves. Our destiny and luck are based on our actions. We can change our fate line on our own.

Radhe Shyam Movie Review

Vikramaditya as we saw in the trailer is the best palmist in the world. He looks at the lines of the hands. The character of his Guruji has been played by Sathyaraj Ji. Both these characters are written very well. Whenever Vikramaditya comes in front of his guru, he talks only by sitting at the feet of his guru. He never sits on par with him.

Shown this thing very well in the film. The things I liked, In this movie, show the love of Guru and disciple in a very good way. However, those who are the gurus of Vikramaditya tell him that no science is perfect, Be it astrology or modern science. But in the beginning, Vikramaditya refuses to accept the words of Guruji.

He says that no, Guruji, in my whole life I have not seen the lines of fate being proved wrong. And what will happen going forward, who will be proved right and who will be proved wrong? And what obstacles will come in the life of Vikramaditya? You will have to watch the movie to know everything here. And looks like the news of the trailer and teaser of the Radhe Shyam movie was coming for the last 6 months. Seeing it, I felt like the Movie would be a thrilling, drama, and romance movie.

And when I saw this movie, it was just a love story. Radha Krishna who is the director of this movie has tried to make an epic love story. And of course, the thing that impressed us the most after watching the teaser and trailer of the movie was the visual effects of this movie! And of course, the visual effects were just as beautiful as we were shown in the trailer, which is a delight to the eyes. Every single scene of the movie is very beautiful which is a forest. There is a train expelling smoke. Everything is shown here very well. Which is the costume which is the make-up, They were really soothing to the eyes. And the ship sinking scene in the ending really looked real in every way.

I did not find that scene cheap even in a single frame. He has tried to show that scene completely filmy, which we could believe on it. However, there was no big reason behind the scene of the sinking of that ship. So that a huge impact falls on the story, It was nothing like that. Meaning that scene doesn’t affect the story that much! Meaning that scene doesn’t affect the story that much! But this film does not impress us much but this film does not disappoint us either. I really liked the dialogue between the scientist and Vikramaditya’s guru Ji, which is 10 minutes from the beginning of the movie Radhe Shyam. There Vikramaditya’s Guruji explains to the scientist how our Indian Sanatan culture had discovered nine planets thousands of years ago.

How many discoveries have we made in astronomy? Even before modern science. He explains all these things in this way in the beginning or else I liked it very much. And after this, the meeting of Vikramaditya and Prerna is shown in this way. Which was a small part of the love story, initially I did not like it that much. In this way, the character of Vikramaditya has been shown to be very knowledgeable in the beginning. In that way, I don’t like that playboy character with flirtation over Vikramaditya at all. It means that he does not have a love line in his hands, due to which he roams freely in the whole world. But that flirtation Character was not suiting him. And we could already guess the scenes that were coming in the story. But the movie was very good to watch which does not disappoint us.

And the supporting characters, have not been given many screenplays or their scenes have been trimmed in this film. If we talk about the songs, then the songs looked like a Bollywood movie. Urdu word was used a lot in them. Overall, if we talk, director Radhekrishna has tried to make an epic love story

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