Morbius Final Trailer Breakdown | Morbius is Connected To Which Spiderman

Welcome friends! So on 28 Feb finally Sony Pictures has also released the final trailer of Morbius which was at number three in its trailer numbers. Means its total 3 trailers have arrived. So not much detail was found in this trailer. I thought it’s no use talking about this Trailer’s breakdown. So let’s talk about that which is the biggest question of Morbius’s movie.

Morbius is Connected To Which Spiderman?

So today we will talk about which spider-man universe does Morbius finally belong to? So Sony Pictures Morbius will now finally release on April 1st after being let loose a thousand times. And after watching its trailer, we can imagine some things automatically. For example, how Morbius’s story is going to take place in this. Who is the villain of the movie? We can think of all these things in advance. But what makes it a little hard to figure out is which Spider-Man universe will this movie ultimately take its place in? For Example Tom Holland’s Spider-Man exit in the MCU Tobey’s Spider-Man Entering a Different Universe, Andrew Garfield a Different Universe. And now we have not understood clearly whether Venom is available in a different universe or in Andrew’s or Tobey’s one. And Morbius dripped apart from it. So let’s start looking at all these things one by one. begin to understand. So along with this, I will also give you some knowledge of comics, so enjoy it.

Morbius Final Trailer Breakdown

So look, first of all, let’s talk about you Tobey’s Spider-Man Universe, so the first trailer of Morbius that we saw had a glimpse of Tobey’s Maguire spider-man as well. In one of the scenes in, For Example, we see Morbius leaving, and behind him is a poster of Spider-Man. Now in this poster, we see Tobey’s Maguire Spider-Man movie. But the story of Tobey Maguire’s universe in this trailer does not end because further, we see a short of Daily Bugle News. And in this, if you look at the logo of Daily Bugle, then this is the same logo that was used in Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man. Because we have already seen Daily Bugle in MCU. Have also seen in Universe of Andrew Garfield. And this one logo does not match with both. This means that Morbius is in the universe of Tobey Maguire’s or the universe of Venom. Because the trailer of Venom also saw a similar Short of Daily Bugle.

But this thing is not so funny and neither does it feel so interesting. And its reason is that we have seen almost the whole story of Tobey Maguire’s. And if in the same universe these people introduce Morbius people whose story is just beginning and who is a very interesting character in a comic book. So look, Morbius, who is in Marvel Comics, starts having an appearance in the comic of Spider-Man.

This doctor is Michael Morbius. Those who try to do experiments on bats are inspired by Spider-man. They are bitten by a radioactive bat, due to which they become bats. I know Morbius is going to feel like a classic supervillain origin, but it doesn’t. Doctor Michael Morbius is just a nice person and he tries to cure his disease. So if you introduce such a character in Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, whose story is almost completed. So that thing seems totally illogical. So that’s why we come to Andrew Garfield’s Universe. So that’s a newspaper I talked about a while back. In the same Daily Bugle where we see the logo of Daily Bugle Tobey Maguire’s Universe. It has two news that connects to Andrew Garfield’s Universe. So after that, we come to our Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. I mean on the MCU? So after watching the trailer of Morbius, it is very clear that these people have given a hint of MCU.

My Opnion On Morbius

Overall, all I want to say is that Sony has planned big master-level plans for Morbius. Because in this these people showed you the Adendoum Apart from this, Tobey Maguire’s spider-man was also shown. A little bit of connectivity has also been maintained with the Enterography Universe. This means that the movie keeps all three Spider-Mans in touch. And going ahead, wherever the Sony people get a chance, they will throw something new there. But personally, I think these guys introduce Morbius into the universe of Andrew Garfield’s. With Amazing Spider-Man 3, it will be more beneficial. Because the MCU has a lot of scope for Spider-Man. At the same time, this character will fit quite a lot in the universe of Amazing Spider-Man. And just now the director’s new thing also said that Morbius is the character of Amazing Spider-Man.

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