Khiladi(RAVI TEJA) Movie Review cast and crew and rating(2022)

Hello friends welcome, So in this article, we will discuss the movie KHILADI, and give Khiladi(RAVI TEJA) Movie Review which was released on 11 Feb in five languages all over India. so first let you know about the cast and crew of the film KHILADI

Khiladi(RAVI TEJA) Movie Review
Khiladi(RAVI TEJA) Movie Review

Khiladi movie cast and crew


Khiladi movie Budget

So let’s know the budget of the Khiladi movie which stars mass maharaja Ravi Teja, The total budget of the Khiladi movie is 60cr revealed by the production house

Khiladi(RAVI TEJA) Movie Review

So its time to give Khiladi(RAVI TEJA) Movie Review So basically this Khiladi movie featuring Ravi Teja this movie is a crime thriller movie, and I was very excited to watch this movie because of its teaser, my expectation was increased while watching the teaser of this film but on the contrary, when I watched Khiladi trailer I decreased my expectation.

So in the morning, I went to the theatre to watch this movie and with low expectation and after watching this movie the one word I would tell about this movie is this is a one-time watch movie. Overall this is a mass entertainment film that can be watched at once, by the way, this movie is made for the mass audience who like mass masala movies.

Positives And Negative of Khiladi Movie

So the biggest positive point of this movie is the twist and turns of this movie which is well executed to an interval of this movie but after the interval of this movie, this twist and turns drag your attention and finally, the twist and turns of this movie become very predictable and feel outdated. 

The movie is not bad for all types of audiences for mass type audience  this movie will impress you in some places but if you are not a mass audience this movie will not impress you, as I told before this movie positive point become its negative point which is the twist and turns

Because after a certain level of the twist and turns the Other twist n turns feels illogical and will bore you,  the mass audience and the Ravi Teja fans will digest its twist and turn otherwise the neutral audience will not accept this twist and turns,  the first half of this movie is well executed and the twist and turns that come in the first half will entertain you and the mass elevation scenes and the emotional scenes will impress you,  but after the interval of this movie you will need a paracetamol tablet instead of popcorn because here begins with the illogical twist and turn and the Boring scenes.

And because of these illogical scenes illogical twisted turns and illogical action scenes, you can’t connect to the story of the movie and the characters of movie,  looking at the previous movie of Ravi Teja which is krack it was also a mass masala entertainment movie but the action scenes of the Great movie was super impressive.  we all know the climax part of movies is the heart of the movie in which the movie Khiladi also disappoints and the climax can be improved and can be represented in a better way.

the climax  scene is very logical and I think the director should improve the climax scene to create the logical twist and turns and that could be the perfect ending of the movie,  by the way in terms of performance, Ravi Teja will impress you in their own style on their Swag you will love Ravi Teja,  and work of all cast is very good except the director

so let’s talk about the best portion of the movie which is the background music of the movie best thing in this movie is the background music of the movie there is different background music for the character of Ravi Teja and the different background music for the character of Arjun Sarja which is the best part,  looking at the background music of this movie I can say that thing in the best in this movie is its background music only.

My Openion

So should you watch this movie? I say do you like Mass movies without knowing about the logic this movie will definitely impress you but if you are a movie lover and you watch Telugu movies regularly then this movie will bore you and definitely you should not waste your money and time on it.

My Final Verdict

so in this Khiladi(RAVI TEJA) Movie Review I will give the movie 3 out of 5 stars, one star for Ravi Teja, One star for background music, and one star for the first half of the movie

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