KGF Chapter 2 Review:- The Thunderstorm

Welcome friends! There has been no one more awaited movie than KGF chapter 2 in the last 4 years. I’m Really Proud Of The Makers. Who kept such a big vision about this film. But if I look at this movie as a review. So my biggest responsibility is to judge this film like a mass film. And see its importance in today’s Indian fan cinema. So today I watched KGF! So I had an Amazing Experience. So on this, Let me show you something! First of all, let’s discuss the strong point of the film. Let’s throw light on KGF Chapter 2 Cast

KGF Chapter 2 Review:- Starcast

YashRocky Bhai
Sanjay DuttAdheera
Raveena TandonRamika sen
Archana JoisShanthamma
Anant NagAnand Ingalagi
Ramachandra RajuGaruda
Prakash RajVijyendra Ingalagi
BalakrishnaInayat Khaleel
B.S Avinash Andrews
Malavika AvinashDeepa Hegde
Rao RameshPolice Inspector
John KokkenJohn
Achyuth KumarGuru Pandian
Ayyappa P. SharmaVanaram
Lakki LakshmanRajendra Desai
Mohan JunejaNagaraju
Vasishta N. SimhaKamal
B. SureshVittal
T.S NagabharanaSrinivas
Vinay BidappaVirat
Thaarak PonnappaDaya
Harish RaiKhasim
Dinesh Mangalore Shetty
KGF Chapter 2 Review:- Starcast

KGF Chapter 2 Review:- Strong points In KGF Chapter 2

  1. The one who should get praise first is director Prashant Neel. Before KGF, Prashant Neel had made only one film. And KGF is his second film. Can you imagine making such big films pull off, that too in the Kannada film industry? And that is actually true! Because only after this film does people get aware of the Kannada film industry. So for New Director. Which was liked by the whole of India. Who deserves all the praise. Apart from this, the most important thing is that even after the success of his first film, the director’s style in his second film has not deteriorated. His directorial style in KGF Chapter 2 is also top and sharp. You must understand that creating a sequence was a challenge in itself. Because KGF had become a huge film. Every Scene and Every Motion in the film shows every single scene how perfection has been made by Prashant.
  2. Rocking star Yash. The kind of performance Yash has given. He is definitely a superstar for me. He makes Rocky Character an On Character. Yash’s performance suits the world of the film very well. And that is the life of this film. His screen presence is so amazing. That even if someone is doing bad acting in that scene, then because of Yash, that scene also gets mixed. He Had that Kind Of Present On Screen! Which is a very rare quality in my opinion.
  3. Style and Visuals.I think a lot of people take this thing too normal. But the style of this film, be it fashion style or visual style. It is very important in this film. Do you rely on that what is a smoke dust gun in the KGF movie? But in the meantime, the makers had made such Stylish characters. Every single suit in this film is very amazing. Similar efforts have been made to give a different look to each character. Whether his character is big or small, you will remember him because of his style. In My Opinion, is Sanjay Dutt’s best look of all time. He Totally Looks Amazing In This Film! Seeing the style of all these, here the visual style of the film is very complicated. The color tone of the film is quite brown and grey. And all the characters in the middle of this color give a very different look. That’s why the style and visuals of kgf2 are a big factor.
  4. Philosophy Behind the Action. The action of this film is very entertaining. See it’s a massy film So there must be some masala elements in it. But the thing you should notice is that no character is shown to be so supreme that he cannot die. For example, Remember you only RRR! The character of that film was shown to be so supreme that no one can kill him. But in the KGF movie, both hero and villain are hurt.
  5. Massy Dialogues! The dialogues of a mass film that uplifts every 10-15 minutes are there. Most of the dialogues in Massy film are over-the-top. The dialogues of the film are massy, amazing and they also connect the world of the film somewhere. Yash has got the best dialogues of the film. And my favorite part is when Yash tries to speak dialogues in English.
  6. Background Music! The background music of this film is very amazing. You should experience this yourself in the theater? It suits the world of KGF perfectly. Lots of BGMs in this movie The background music of Adira is amazing.

KGF Chapter 2 Review:- What could have been better

Look, I really liked this movie. I don’t think this film needs to go into so much detail in criticism. You should enjoy this movie in the way, the movie tries to show you here. But one thing that I think could have been a little bit of improvement there. That is Raveena Tandon’s performance! She is the strongest character in the film. I feel somewhere that her performance does not justify that character. It seemed that she was acting in a TV serial. So that’s why I think Raveena Tandon’s performance could have been better. So this was my review! I think this film is an unmissable film.

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