Jhund Movie Review: Amitabh Bachchan Starer

Welcome Friends! Amitabh Bachchan’s new movie has come whose name is Jhund. And the story of this movie Screenplay of this movie Its direction Even the producer is also one person, that is Nagraj Manjule. In 2016, he made a movie named Sairat, it became so popular in Maharashtra that, It became so popular that Karan Johar remade it as Dhadak! First, let’s talk about the cast and crew of Jhund Movie

Cast And Crew Of Jhund Movie

 Amitabh BachchanVijay Borade
Akash TosarSambhya
Rinku Rajguru Monica
Sayli PatilBhavana
Rajiya SuhelRajiya
Angel AnthonyAngel
Karthik UikeyKarthik
Priyanshu ThakurBabu Chitre
Tanaji GalgundeSaajan
Arbaj ShaikhRaju
Cast And Crew Of Jhund Movie

Short Story Of Jhund Movie

So today I have seen Jhund movie, I am going to tell you something about it. Now look, first of all, the Jhund movie is based on a real-life story. Can you call it a biopic? In this movie, Amitabh Bachchan is playing the role of a character named Vijay Barsa, who is also in real life. And what they have done is what the picture here tries to show you. But is it 20:25 minutes of this movie? At that time Amitabh Bachchan’s character speaks a very important line. If you do not pay attention to him, then you will not understand what the movie is about?

Jhund Movie Review

Because the story of this movie visits on so many different faces. That your attention might be lost in the middle of what was going on in the story and what they are showing you. But that’s an overall theme inside the Movie.

It is here that if you are living life then you have to struggle every day. This movie tries to keep as much interesting story in front of you as possible. That’s why it’s 3 hours. And one thing that I liked the most about this movie is the realism of this movie.

How the lifestyle of the people living inside Slums has been shown, their behavior has been shown. They have shown it very well. This movie has shown the problem of slums, and with it. But along with the stylish way he has presented his life’s expectations, I liked it inside the movie. I would like to say that when he comes out of the house, to hit the mobile chain and pocket, I liked the way they were shown.

So many of you will go to see this movie because Amitabh Bachchan is in this movie. But the character that he is in the movie does not know much about his own life. His character’s job in this movie is to teach football and life lessons to the children of slums. So that those children become better and best human beings.

So Amitabh Bachchan has performed this character very well. This movie blows my mind inside the acting department. One thing I could not figure out in the whole movie is that they cast actors who played the role very well or that the only people who came to see inside the movie were the people living in Slums. Meaning you understand. He has acted very well. This thing is not true only about two or four characters of the movie.

It is true for all the other characters of this movie. While watching this movie, you will forget for a time that you are watching a movie? Because the part that people live inside the Slums is shown in such a good way and in such a realistic way. But not only this, there are other strong points inside the movie, Like its cinematography its music.

Negatives Of Jhund Movie

A full football match is shown to itself just before the interval. It was fun after watching that match. Along with this, now they have not tried to put too much comedy inside the movie. But as Hummer was, that connected with me and made me laugh seeing this. But the movie is not perfect. First of all like I said, the movie is of 3 hours and inside it, after the interval, many new characters are introduced and we are getting to know about their life.

Whereas according to the time I was feeling that now maybe the movie has to end, But it is not ending there. But even at the beginning of the movie, it would take time to start the story. If the editing of the movie had been kept tight, then the movie would have been for two and a half hours.

My Openion On Jhund Movie

If I tell myself, I liked this movie and I also want you guys to go and watch it but I have to point out the issues I have found in this movie. So if you guys want to see a realistic inspiration story. Inside which the people living inside the slums and the football connection with them are shown. If you want to see something like this then you can watch this movie. So it’s my ower all review.

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