Bachchan Pandey Review: A Decent Masala Movie

Welcome friends! Today we are going to talk about the Hindi film Bachchan Pandey released in theaters. Akshay Kumar and Kriti Sanon are in the cast of this movie. There are other side casts including main leads are:-

Bachchan Pandey Cast

1Akshay Kumar
2Kriti Sanon
3Arshad Warsi
4Jacqueline Fernandez
5Pankaj Tripathi
6Sanjay Mishra
7Snehal Daabi
8Pratik Babbar
9Abhimanyu Singh
10Saharsh Kumar Shukla

Bachchan Pandey Review

The film is an official remake of the 2014 Tamil film Jigarthanda. And in 2019 came the unofficial remake of Gaddalakonda Ganesh. Yes, it must have sounded a bit strange to hear this. If you continue the video further then things will be understood. Before starting the video further, let me clear a few things that before watching the movie Bachchan Pandey, I have seen both the original versions of it. Meaning that I have come to see the same story for the third time today.After watching both the movies, when I saw this movie, which in my opinion which was my experience. So if I try to tell it in one line, then which is a Bachpan Pandey movie, it can create a revolution there, Can set a trend. Yes, why do I try to explain it to you a little bit? that you all know.

Everyone knows that the movie Bachchan Pandey is a remake of the 2014 movie. When the trailer was released, it gave us some idea that it might be a remake of the 2014 movie but it. The look and feel that has been given to this movie matches to a large extent with the Telugu movie of 2019. When I went to see this movie, what did I see there, let me tell you? There I got to see that there is also a scene from the Jigar Khanna movie inside this film And the scenes which have not been taken from the 2014 movie, those scenes have been taken from the 2019 movie. So what can happen in this case? It could be one. In this case, the makers have taken the remake rights of the Jigarthanda movie.

And after that kept the things that they liked from that movie and kept them. And who did not take the making rights of the movie that came in 2019, but kept its scenes, in this movie. And the second case could be that the makers bought the rights of both the films and picked up whatever they liked and kept it in this movie. If there is a second case then it can create a revolution in itself, can set a trend. That if you want to make a remake movie then you don’t need to buy remake rights of a movie.

You buy the remake rights of multiple movies and mix them all to make a movie. No one will question it because you paid for it. So this is the thing that can set the film trend. But some fans will get angry after hearing this but I am telling the fact. So the starting of the movie is like the movie which came in 2019. Some scenes go on like that. Later you get to see some elements like the 2014 movie. The flashback story has also been kept in the second half. Cinema hall scenes have also been kept. All in all, this film has been presented like a Mixer! Did the makers of the first remake of the 2014 movie know what they were making, But did the makers of Bachchan Pandey’s movie not know what they were making? He probably liked both the movies. This is good in this and this is good in this. He picked them up and mixed them and made a movie. The result of this is that no comedy can impress a lot and neither can create such an emotional scene which was done in the first remake of this movie. So are these movies too bad so the answer is no? This film is not made for those who have seen the original version of this film. Those who have not seen the original version of this film can watch this film once.

Bachchan Pandey Cast Performances

For the performance of Akshay Kumar and the climax of the film. If we talk about the comedy of the film, then it is a crime comedy film. The second thing which is the dialogues of this film is very bad. Not a single dialogue has landed properly. Very drawn-out and strange dialogues are written inside this film. And all the dialogues inside the comedy, do not appear funny anywhere. Pankaj Tripathi has been cast in this movie so there was some expectation from him that he will do comedy well but his role has been shown as a Gujarati role. That Gujarati flavor will not be seen in his dialogue delivery. The climax of this movie, which is the feel of the climax, is felt to some extent there.

The climax of the movie is good, it does not disappoint. Music that if I talk about BGM is nothing special. He is very loud. Can’t feel much. If I talk about the performance, then Akshay Kumar’s work inside the film is good. The actor who has got the job looks impressive in that movie according to him. Kriti Sanon could have performed better. She hasn’t given much of an impression. Overall, Bachchan Pandey is one such movie for those who have not seen the original part of this movie. This movie can be seen by him once.

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