Attack Movie Review: First Indian Super Soilder

Attack Movie Review

Today we are going to talk about Attack Movie. When I saw the trailer for Attack movie, I had absolutely no idea that this movie would be best on a super-soldier. After watching the trailer of this movie, my excitement increased a lot. The movie was released today and waking up in the morning I went to watch its first-day first show. Now start the review of this movie. This movie is a very limited-budget film. This is a totally different type of movie which are not made commonly in Bollywood. First, let’s talk about the movie’s strong point.

Attack Movie Review: Cast

S.NoActor Name
1.John Abraham
2.Jacqueline Fernandiz
3.Rakul Preer Singh
4.Ratna Pathak Shah
5.Prakash Raj
6.Jaimini Pathak
7.Rajit Kapur
8.Kiran Kumar
9.Babrak Akbari
10.Serena Walia

Attack Movie Review: Strong Points

Strong point one mind-blowing action choreography. I’m Really Telling You If you Are Action Lover! The action of this film will impress you a lot. This type of action is quite new in Bollywood. If you remember the movie war. The action of that movie was very cinematic and the action of Bhavesh Joshi Superhero was quite a row. Attack movie is a combination of both. It is cinematic but at the same time, it is quite rowing as well. There are no extravagant slow-motion action sequences in the film. And it’s good to see makers are challenging their audience. Every single action scene is executed very well. and it takes a team of 10 professional action directors, choreographers, and stuntmen. Now talking about a man who is In front of a camera. John Abraham deserves it. Because even at the age of 49 he is pulling off this kind of action It’s Amazing. In Every Scene Of The Film, he means Business. and it is good to see that he comes out of the hangover of the “Satyameva Jayate”. I was more disapproved of John than that film because what kind of movie was such an amazing action hero doing? John Abraham seems to have that kind of John in this movie. The ones I’ve always wanted to see. And I really really want the audience to support this film. So we also got to see part 2. But trust me if this film flops then it will be very disappointing Because then maybe people will not want to make such films. So I hope that the attack goes through a profitable business.

Strong Point No. 2 VFX & Editing! this movie is not a big-budget movie. Neither you compare it to Hollywood movies. Mostly we start comparing the normal film with the Hollywood film. It should not happen. 30% of the budget of this film is spent on VFX. And it clearly shows in the film! There are many scenes in this film where the characters of Artificial Intelligence are shown. The VFX which is there in this movie is very good. Again I Am Saying You Don’t Have To Compare it to Hollywood Films And Big Budget Films. With a Limited Budget. The VFX of this film is very impressive. Similarly, if the VFX of a film is very good, then editing is very important to complement it. That is why editing is also the strong point of this film.

Strom Point No. 3 BGM. Full-Form Of BGM is Background Music. Well, in Bollywood, action films are not made at such high quality. And BGM is not that good for them. The BGM of Attack is very different from Bollywood’s Cheriyoutipikel music. The music and background score of the film is given by Shashwat Sachdev.

Strong point no 4. The Performance of Elham has. My favorite performance was this actor’s performance in this film. Whose name is Elham eshas? He plays a negative role and what amazing acting has he done? He has also worked in many Hollywood movies.

Strong point no 5. Which is an Unbollywoodised superhero. In Bollywood, whenever we make a superhero film at the commercial level. So we make it very melodramatic. You must have seen this thing in Krish and Flying Jatt too. The biggest mistake we make is that We show his superpower but forget to show his weakness. John Ibrahim is a superhero in Attack. But it hasn’t been Bollywoodised. June’s character has its own strengths. But his weekends are also shown to you. Due to these weaknesses, the audience will relate more to John’s character. In this film, John is shown supreme but not shown much that he becomes unbelievable.

What Could be Better In Attack movie

Let’s Talk About What Could Have Been Better. If I talk about myself, then I liked the movie very much. There is no negative point going in this movie but in one place. That is John and Jacqueline’s love story that too could have been built a bit better. Because this type of love story has been made many times in Bollywood. You must see this movie in the theatre. This can be a great experience for both masses and cinephiles. So this was my review!

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