[2022]The Batman Review: Robert Pattinson’s Insane Performance

Welcome friends! So today Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Movie has been released. And I’m coming to see it now. Whatever things were running in our minds about this movie. Will the movie here be related to Batman or will it be better than The Dark Knight? We will talk about all of them slowly. Even before the release of Matt Reeves’s “The Batman” movie had risen so high from its expectation that even a good movie could not rise above its expectation.

The Batman Movie Cast And Crew

Robert Pattinson Batman/Bruce Wayne
Zoë KravitzCatwoman/Selina Kyle
Paul DanoThe Riddler/Edward Nashton
Jeffrey WrightLieutenant James “Jim” Gordon
Colin FarrellThe Penguin/Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot
John TurturroCarmine Falcone
Andy SerkisAlfred Pennyworth
Jayme LawsonBella Reál
Alex FernsCommissioner Pete Savage
Peter SarsgaardGil Colson
The Batman Movie Cast And Crew

[2022]The Batman Review

If I start with the story of this movie, then which is the story of this movie, is it? So actually there is movie essence here. I Mean being a superhero movie, there isn’t much action ordinated. And its entire focus is on its story.

And the character and element that is associated with It put full emphasis on them. Those villains are targeting corrupt people and killing them.

And at the same time, he’s leaving clues for Batman so that Batman can get to the bottom of it. Now how is Batman a part of this whole event? And why does all this stuff go and connect to our villain?

You will understand this thing only after watching the movie. I said that the essence of this movie is the story of this movie. But at the same time, the character of this movie is also very important. And when it comes to the characters, we get to know about them one by one. So first of all let’s talk about the main character of the movie Batman. Robert Pattinson’s Batman is surprisingly good. When I saw Batman in the beginning, I felt like Robert Pattinson was feeling very uncomfortable in this role.

And the emotions they have are not able to connect with their feelings. And this same thing, when I saw by connecting to the colin Farrell then there they were able to connect well as compared to Robert Pattinson. But as the movie slowly starts progressing, in the same way, I start getting Released that, After all, why is Batman like this here, He is completely broken. Till now he has not found closure on the death of his parents. And carries that whole thing around with him 24*7.

He is burdened with his guilt all the time and he wants this thing to be okay somewhere. And he wants to leave the mark of his exctction on this world. This is the face we have never seen in any Batman movie. And here he is still in novice age. And keeps making mistakes all the time. And whenever he goes to fight, the fight is not one-sided, he also takes bullets from them and also kills by them. But here he gets up after that and he also survives. And look, I can talk about this Batman for a long time but now I have to move on.

Then after that the second supporting character of the movie is Paul Dano. It was a big highlight for me. The best acting character in this movie was Paul Dano in which he has done the best acting. Whether the person has a mask on his face or not, you can understand the experience of his face very well. And that effortless dialogue delivery is also done very perfectly.

Zoë Kravitz Performance In The Batman Movie

So now let’s talk about Zoe Kravitz, She is the perfect Catwoman. After seeing her, I realized that no one can become a better Catwoman than her. Her walk, her dialogues, Action scene, Hanging from the building All the things Catwoman was doing creaming. Then after that Jeffrey Wright’s mind-blowing is in the role of James gardon.

Then after that come on Colin Farrell who has done cosmetic makeup. Still, even after that, he did an amazing performance. Then after this, it is also necessary to talk about the very important topic of the movie, And that’s the cinematography of the movie! This movie is the most beautiful superhero movie for me. There are many amazing shots in this movie from start to end. And they have been taken from such an angle that I can’t even tell them to you. The story is completely personal to Batman.

And Batman is the most important element of this story. And we came to know in the trailer of this movie that Gautam city is very important in this movie. You will see Gautam city only alive in the entire picture. The vibe it has, they feel it has, is so beautiful that it will make you feel great while watching the movie. The story of the movie is very interesting. And if I talk about the background music of this movie, it is also very good. Background music has been put in every scene of this movie and that too well. If we talk about the negative point of this movie, then there is not much action in this movie. Just like in every superhero movie. So overall I found The Batman Movie to be a very good movie.

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